25 August 2021

ETERNITY: 50 Pastors and Ministers from Alex Hawke’s Electorate Unite to Advocate for AFghan Asylum Seekers

Signatories include representatives from Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, Uniting and Independent Baptist Churches.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has heard from a large group of local Christian pastors, priests, reverends and bishops with an appeal for Australia to take action to welcome 20,000 refugees.

“We do not give people dignity, as they inherently have it as a gift from God. But although we do not bestow dignity, we know that humans can certainly erode that dignity. So, when it is within our national power to protect dignity – whether by increasing our humanitarian intake or recognising the fears of those Afghans already here who have fled and are still waiting to be given secure residency – we are prompted by our Christian faith to speak out.”

Full story from Eternity News here.

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